Weight Loss in Simple Way

Weight Loss in Simple Way

Weight Loss in Simple Way
Weight Loss in Simple Way

Weight Loss in Simple Way – Do you ever imagine why two same persons who have same weight will get different result of diets although they have same activity everyday? People imagine how to weight loss in simple way without sacrificing your health? Having over weight is not a secret for people in the city where everything should be instant. Eating habit each city people is usually fast food, tasty snacks, sweet cookies and many other delicious foods. Besides that stress in the city is higher rather than people who live in the village which only eat from their farm production like cassava, potatoes, corn and so on. However, people who live in the village are less to fry their food since cooking oil becomes very expensive nowadays. They tend to boil cassava, potatoes and corn as their daily food. This healthy eating habit cause people in village is healthier than people who live in the city.

Having a sexy body shape is everyone dreams, especially for women. No wonder that there are also many competitions as seen in the television about losing weightin the fast time. However weight loss is not solely reducing food consumption from 3 times a day into once a day. On the contrary, women who are really eager to decrease weight in fast way will increase their weight quickly as soon as they are leaving their diet. They forget that weight loss is not only about skipping one meal, but they need to reduce sugar and salt consumption, eating nutritious food and exercise. If your target is slim body shape, then you should take time to make changes in the way of eating, exercise until life style. For instance you like to hang out and drink coffee with your friends. Can you imagine how much sugar that you put in your beverage if you have drink coffee in the morning and also still have coffee time in the afternoon? One spoon of sugar is enough for diet people. Sugar is not solely in your beverage, but also in the bread that you eat, food that you consume until delicious desert.

First thing that you have to understand about diet is not leaving breakfast. You can do regular breakfast with milk, egg, bread with is rich of fiber. Do not forget to drink more water to avoid dehydration, especially if you are having more outdoor activities. Some people refuse to drink water since they do not want to go to toilet frequently. You can drink two glass of warm water when you wake up in the morning before having breakfast. Each one hour add one glass till you drink at least 8 glasses in a day. This will help to reduce eating food since your stomach feels fuller. Try drinking water instead of tea and coffee. If you like to have juice, try to drink without sugar is better.

Having success losing weight should have good sleeping time

Tips for Weight Loss

No one will deny that exercise is plays important role to reduce weight in the healthy way. Some people think that exercise will increase weight since they are very hungry after exercising and eat everything that they see. Burning 400 calorie, but eating 700 calorie will store more fat in your body. This is wrong perception since exercise should be done regularly. You can’t get expected result if you only exercise once in a month. Having aerobic, swimming, fitness will help to fastenbody shape quickly. Don’t forget to have more activities instead of sitting all day in front of computer. You can use stairs instead of using lift to burn calories. Try to do any movement after sitting 30 minutes in front of computer. Your muscles need to relax for a while.

Consume protein is essential to burn fat and this support diet program too. You can get protein from white egg, oatmeal and soy milk. Eating fruits which have more water like watermelon, papaya and pear are recommended too since you can get fiber to flush garbage of your body in the toilet. Select green vegetable to supply your body with nutritious vitamins. Surely you don’t want to lose weight, but having bad skin, loss hair and any other performance problem as well. If you feel so hungry in the middle of breakfast and lunch, try to eat an apple rather than tasty snack crackers. Once you can pass this in a week, you will have regular nutritious eating habit in the next weeks since your brain has instruct you to eat in the right time and select the food. You can replace rice with oat meal or red rice to get complex carbohydrate. However, try not eating after 6pm since your body needs to have a rest in the night. You can choose eating fish with small rice portion. Eating vegetables are suggested in the lunch since green vegetables will give you more oxygen to your body. This will give success diet.

If all of these things have been followed, but your diet is fail then try to do research. There are several reasons why your diet is fail. Perhaps you are lack of sleep and always having overtime work. This will let hormone and insulin including sugar in blood increases. This will make your body keep more fats. Havingsuccess losing weight should have good sleeping time.

Don’t be late for eating time since this will cause eating double portion. You can slice your meal into several small portions and try to eat slowly. Let the enzyme from your mouth mix together with your food. Some people are able to success reduce weight with chewing food slowly.

The last success tips for diet and health is your commitment.  You can’t be success in one month only, but it should be forever. Do not ruin your good eating habit with holiday time. Do not let your hobby like playing computer replacing time for exercising. Without commitment, your weight loss program is fail even you pay a personal trainer and expensive membership fitness fee. Hopefully this weight loss tips could help you today and future.