What You Should Beware from Weight Loss Detox Diet

Weight loss detox diet is a method of weight loss diet using several fruit extract (since it only take the liquid) especially lemon. It is a popular diet method among the Hollywood celebrities. Actually the main purpose of this diet is not for weight loss but to clean your body from toxin. And it also can mean that you may not get in another ‘toxin’ form to your body. That’s why when you take this detox diet program you have to be selective about your food. Do not eat fast food, junk food, soda and food with artificial flavorings or sweetener. You also have to replace mostly the coffee and tea consumption with the water. All these things will make your food consumption get lower and your weight loss. Some people have been proved the effectively of these detox diet but there are things to watch out for too.

What You Should Beware from Weight Loss Detox Diet

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The Body Nutrition

Some detox diet then turn into weight loss detox diet with many combination programs. There are program that ask you to only consume fruit-lemon juice without mealtime. Several program combine it with snack or light meal. Or maybe they will suggest you to drink more than 6 glasses lemon juice a day. It’s all good, as long as it can fix your body necessary nutrition. But are you sure?

Our body needs calorie, protein and others nutrition. Drink only juice maybe a detoxification but it’s not a good thing when it made us malnutrition. Especially when you have a busy day, it can make you lack of calorie and get collapsed. Protein is an important component for the body immunities. Too low immunity means you will get sick easier. This diet also lack of fiber, since it takes only the fruits and vegetables extract. The weight loss detox diet maybe can give you more mineral and vitamin. But that’s not enough for your body. Your body needs all balances nutrition.

Effect to the Body Health

People with gastric or bowel disease must tell their doctor before taking this diet. It’s totally not recommended because your organ will need adaptation at first. It can be a hunger pang, stomachache, higher bathroom visit frequency, or something harder. People with kidney problem or maybe has diabetes also need to beware of because it will affected blood sugar level. Each people has its own body condition so make sure that your body fit enough before take a weight loss detox diet.

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