What is The Relation Between Nutrition and Food?

The Relation Between Nutrition and Food – Nutrition and food have a quite tight relation between them. Although food is not the only source of nutrition, it is the biggest source of nutrition. We are what we eat. Do you familiar with those words? Yes, it is true. We are being what we eat. If we eat something healthy, that’s what we are. We are healthy. On the other hand, if we eat something that is not healthy, we will get ill.

What is The Relation between Nutrition and food?

To watch our nutrition is to watch our food. Do a quick check on yourself and answer this question. What are the foods that you eat daily? Is it Vegetable or meat? Is it Fried or boiled? The answer may differ for every individual. But, whatever your answer is, you will notice that you may be lack of some nutrition. As you may only eat your favorite food, you will forget to eat any other food. And from the food you neglected, you may lose some nutrition because the relation between nutrition and food does exist.

We can try to look at a case for example. You like to eat meatball. You eat meatball almost every day at dinner time. What will you get? You will get protein and fat as the dominant nutrition. But there is a lot of nutrition you missed in every dinner time. It is vitamin. Vitamin exists in vegetable. It also exists in meatball, but vegetable has it more. And because you never eat vegetable at dinner time, you will have fewer vitamins than other people who have vegetable in their dinner menu. That’s why knowing the relation between nutrition and food is important.

Another example to understand the relation between nutrition and food is by looking the kind of food. Do you like vegetable? Good, but what kind of vegetable? If you like some kind of processed vegetable such as fried spinach, you may eat your vegetable in vain. Why? It is because fried spinach has lost a lot of its nutrition. The vitamin is gone while the spinach is being fried. It is even worse. The vitamin that you think you are getting is actually replaced by fat from the oil used in frying. So, how the food is cooked also determines the relation between nutrition and food.

Is there a way to cut the relation of nutrition and food? Yes, there is a way. You can start taking supplement. For example, for calcium, you can take milk. If you need vitamin C, there is a lot of vitamin C supplement in the supermarket. It is a good choice. But still, it is not better that taking the real nutrition from the real food. Besides, not all nutrition is available in the form of supplement. For example is vitamin A. You can only find vitamin A supplement in multivitamin. But, if you need a lot of vitamin A, you may only have one choice. You must eat vegetables that contain a lot of vitamin A such as carrot.

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Nutrition is something that you cannot ignore. Nutrition plays a big role in your health condition. Also, it is a complex combination. Nutrition consists of several elements such as vitamin, mineral, and etc. You have to make it balance. If you are lack of one component, you cannot replace it by getting more in other. Therefore, you have to get them all at once. How to do it? It is simple. All you need to do is get a complete food combination from carbohydrate, meat, vegetable, fruit, and milk. Now that you know the relation between nutrition and food, you can start living a healthy life.

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