Tools of Diet Successfully

Tools of Diet Successfully – Diet for woman are different with men. Diet is only simple rule which has to follow. Not many women know the secret of diet is eating in the right time. Women need 2000 calorie per day where men need 2500 calories. This depends on the physic activities of each person. Perhaps construction workers need more. With 2000 calories per day, women need 230 gram of carbohydrates, 45 gram of protein, 70 grams of fat, 90 grams of sugar, 20 grams of fibre, 20 grams of saturates, and only 6 grams of salt.

If you run diet, you can reduce the calorie intake about 100 – 200 calorie per day by reducing the fat, sugar consumption and carbohydrates. It is better if you have food scale at home to measure the portion of eating. For instance eating protein is good, but should not more that a palm of your hand. You can’t say that you like fish and eat 2 kgs of mackerel fish in a day to replace the consumption of rice. This is not good since eating in the right portion size will help your healthy diet program.

Tools of Diet Successfully

Tools of Diet Successfully

Diet Menu

Let’s say starting breakfast in the morning. Eating a scramble egg with fresh orange juice without sugar, salmon and a piece of bread is enough. Having this high protein will keep you fuller and reduce consumption of snacks in time between breakfast and lunch. When lunch-time you need enough carbohydrate to give energy. You can start with salad with whole grain mixed with beans. Add chicken with cheese as the topping. Remember that diet should consume a lot of water to keep having healthy skin and body metabolism. For afternoon snack, you can choose unsalted nuts to give high protein and good fats to your body. If you want to consume chocolate, make sure that you only take a short chocolate with few almonds. The sugar from chocolate will keep your body is energized.

Best Diet Menu for Women

Many of diet tools are not working unless you are also going to the gym and having exercise. Running on the treadmill or swimming is good to burn calorie. Combine with fibre-rich and low fat snacks after exercising. For dinner, you can eat small portion of potatoes with healthy oily fish like sardines. However, you can make various vegetables mix in the rice with fish topping in small portion to eat on dinner. Don’t forget to sleep to get whole body reparation and regeneration. A balance diet should be followed with healthy eating habit. By doing so, you don’t need to consume diet pills anymore.

Your body is already able to maintain the weight. If you are already more than 40 years old, your body metabolism is not same with women in 30 years old. For diet, you have to consume more protein and calcium to avoid quick menopause. Drink high calcium milk before sleep is highly recommended and make sure it is plain one. You will have a good body like teenagers and good physic like an artist by doing diet for woman.