The Right Foods for Baby to Gain More Weight

Foods for Baby to Gain More Weight – Having a baby is great. They give you many kinds of challenges as a parent. This is including a challenge to keep your baby healthy and gain their weight based on their age. If it is related to the weight gain, it means you have to choose the right foods for baby. So, what kind of foods you have to serve to your baby so they can gain ideal weight?

The Right Foods for Baby to Gain More Weight

The first thing you need to know is that you have to choose foods which contain a lot of calories and calcium. For those who want to choose the right foods for baby especially to gain weight, just give them whole cream milk. This type of food is good to gain weight especially for baby around 1 year old. Just let them drink the milk in the morning and it is okay if you want to give them breastfeeding. Later, your baby will have enough energy and fat to gain more weight. You can also let them to consume whole cream yogurt. To make it better in taste, you can just mix the yogurt with fruits. Definitely, your beloved baby will love this mixture and soon you will see the improvement of their weight.

Do you want to give something natural but give significant impact? If it is so, just give them a slice of banana. Banana is a good option if you want to choose the right foods for baby. This is because your baby will get enough good carbs and energy. It is okay to give any type of banana but it will be good if you take golden banana or kerala banana. Before giving the banana to your baby, you can just pure, steamed, deseeded, or mashed so they can easily eat it. A slice or half of banana a day is enough for weight gain program.

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If you think that your baby really loves fruit, you can also give them an avocado. It is good to give avocado because the good fat helps them to weight gain. To give more taste on the avocado, you can just mix it with whole cream milk. If you baby love fruit, they will say that avocado and banana are so yummy. Hopefully, after reading this information, you can really choose the right foods for baby so they can gain more weight as soon as possible. The most important thing is that they are healthy, active and cute.

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