The Best Weight Loss Exercise Routine At Home

The best exercise is the exercise that is done regularly – You cannot expect to have a good body with doing only once exercise per week. The best weight loss exercise routine must be done at least three times a week. Going to the gym is the best choice to sweating and burn some fat. However, not everyone has the time to go to the gym every day. Feeling lazy because of the traffic jams or the distance from the house to the gym is also can be a reason for people to cancel their weight loss plan.

The Best Weight Loss Exercise Routine At Home

Weight Loss Exercise Routine At Home

Having the best weight loss exercise routine at home is the best. You do not have to drive a long way to the gym. It will also more cost saving because you do not have to pay the membership fees. Exercise in the home does not mean you cannot use some equipment to help the activity. The dumbbells and Kettlebells are great investments to build your muscle but if the thing is too expensive for you, you can use other things like a stability ball, a pull-up bar, resistance bands, and a suspension trainer. A 30 to 50 lbs sand bag can also be a good choice or you can make your own fitness equipment by filling some bottles with heavy materials.

The best weight loss exercise routine in your home usually needs about 30 minutes. Choosing the same time every day will give you more discipline manner and maintain the continuity. Change the type of your exercise and add some variety using equipment so that the muscles trained are more equitable. Split the training focus on upper body and lower body. Do it for few weeks, and then you can upgrade the exercise into a full body plan. Make sure you do a warm up before starting the exercise and end it with a stretching. The warm up is very important so that your muscle will not sore after the workout.

The beginner level should start the best weight loss exercise routine by doing some legs and back workout. Glute Bridge, alternating step-up, and band lateral walk are some activities that do not need any equipment to do. Plie squat and underhand dumbbell row also will be a great addition if you have the dumbbells or other heavy things that you can use. If you have done with the lower body, you can start the upper body workout in the next day. Push up is maybe the most popular movement to train the chest muscles. It also gives a good effect for the shoulders and triceps muscles. Another activity for the chest and shoulder without using equipment is bench dips. You can do the push-up and bench dip on three sets with 12 to 15 repetition.

When you have done the simple activities on the beginner level, now you can start doing a more intense training. The training is still focused on the upper and lower body. For the lower body, mountain climbers, glute kickbacks, squats, and lateral lunge are the best weight loss exercise routine. You can add other activity like the ball leg curl if you have a stability ball.

To get the slim body more quickly, the combination of exercise and food intake is very important. You can do the exercise while dieting, but do not push yourself. The best weight loss exercise routine needs enough calories. Calculate your daily calories need and fill it with healthy foods. Reduce the consumption of carbohydrate and sugar. Replace it with more protein to make you fuller longer. Consume more water to replace the sweat during the exercise.

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