The Best Healthy Diet for Pregnancy

The Best Healthy Diet for Pregnancy – Some people who want to stay as skinny as they used to before pregnancy are likely to jump into the extreme decision for dieting. Diet is actually not good for your baby, especially when you are following a really strict diet. It can be absolutely dangerous for you unborn baby, because he or she will not get the proper nutrients. So, you have to be careful choosing your diet when you are in pregnancy time. There are a lot of healthy diets that you can actually follow. This article is about to show you the best healthy diet for pregnancy. Let’s just check this out.

Healthy Diet for Pregnancy

The Best Healthy Diet for Pregnancy

To get the best and proper nutrients for your body and your baby, you should take a look at some list of the best food for healthy diet for pregnancy to get the well balanced meals. To eat well, you can start from eating vegetables and fruits every day. You can go to supermarket and buy a lot of fresh or frozen vegetables, juices or fresh fruits. Make sure you eat this for five portions per day.

The next is starchy food, when it comes to this kind of food. It is best to choose pasta or bread that made of wholegrain. Potatoes and rice is also good for you. The healthy diet for pregnancy will require you to eat food that are rich of protein such as fish, chicken, nuts, legumes, and eggs. Make sure you eat two portions every week. Calcium is also important during pregnancy. You can find this in dairy foods such as cheese, yoghurt or milk. You can also get calcium from sea food.

To have a healthy diet for pregnancy, there are certain foods that you also must avoid to eat. One of those foods is white cheeses that contain bacteria that could be dangerous for your baby. Other food you may need to avoid is raw and undercooked eggs or meat. These foods are the big sources for the bacteria development. It is important to check if the meat or eggs is proper cooked before eating. It also applied for oysters and sushi. These foods that come in raw are not good for your baby.

Another food that you should avoid in the healthy diet for pregnancy is certain fishes such as swordfish, tuna and sharks because these food are containing mercury. These are surely bad for your and unborn baby health. Next, you should not eat liver or anything products and food that made of liver. This is because liver contains a lot of retinol vitamin A which can be bad for your baby. Not only food, you also need to avoid bad drinks such as alcohol and too much caffeine during pregnancy. Try to keep drinking this kind of drinks at a really minimum level.

To keep in a healthy diet for pregnancy, you need to take a look at your vitamin intake. Taking supplements during your pregnancy could surely help you a lot. It is really important to take supplements every day to keep your body getting the proper nutrients. Make sure you get enough folic acid a day which is around 400 mcg especially in the twelve first weeks. You have to take a look as well on your vitamin D intake. Make sure you get 10 mcg every day. Don’t forget to take iron supplements and another vitamin supplements such as B12, zinc and many more. It is best to talk to your doctor first especially when you are having a vegan or suffer from a certain disease.

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