The Best Fat-Loss Workout for Woman

The Best Fat-Loss Workout for Woman – Everyone can do the best fat-loss workout whether they have complete fitness equipment or not. A good and healthy body will enhance your appearance and self-confidence. However, transforming a tubby body to a muscular body is not easy. It requires a great effort and a lot of time. There are many bodybuilding tutorials on the internet that you can try. They are all promised a radical change on your body in a short amount of time. Some of them are also advised to use medications such as steroids to accelerate the enlargement of muscles. It can be done on that way off course, but the effect of the drug used is certainly not good for our bodies.

The Best Fat-Loss Workout for Woman

The use of drugs must be avoided because there is still many ways to get a muscular body naturally. The best fat-loss workout without using any drug addiction needs a more hard work and discipline. The workout is not the only factor in building our muscle, it also determined by the foods we eat. Spending a long time in the treadmill will be useless if you still take excess calories. If you want to lose the fat on your body, you need to reduce your calories intake for about 500 calories per day. You need to know your RMR (resting metabolic rate) to determine how many calories you need in a day.

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When you already know what the ideal weight you should have and how much fat must be removed from your body, you can begin to go to the gym and start doing the best fat-loss workout. The workout must be focused on cardio and heavy training. The heavy lifting is the best way to get a bigger and stronger muscle. If you do it while having a diet, the fat will burn faster. Your fat will be converted into energy that you use to lift weights. It is better to do a more intense training in a shorter time than a slow training. Lifting the heaviest load that you can, will burn fat even after the session is over.

You need to focus on certain part of your body in every gym session. Split it into upper body workout and lower body workout. It will help your body to release certain hormone and maximize the muscular growth. Do the barbell bench press in a medium grip in the upper day. It is the best fat-loss workout which is focused on the development of the chest muscle. You also can do other activities like standing military press, lying triceps press, and chin-up in your first-day training. Notice to the weight you are lifting and do not over-exert yourself. If necessary, invite your friends to be a spotter.

For the lower body part, the best fat-loss workout is doing some intense session on seated calf raise, hack squat, plate twist, and the leg press machine. Two or three sets of each activity will give you more toned muscles in the lower part of the body such as the abdomen and the thighs. The stomach muscle must be trained at least twice a week. Do a short and heavy training for about two sets with eight to twelve repetitions.

Besides the weight lifting, the cardio is also important in burning the fat. It is better to be done in the morning before you get the breakfast to get the best fat-loss workout. Spend 30 minutes every morning on the treadmill can give a huge impact on your body building effort. Of course, you can run in the park if you are bored with the treadmill.

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