The 5 Different Aromatherapy for Emotional Health

Aromatherapy for Emotional Health – The use of aromatherapy for emotional health is widely known among the country. The aroma of the essential oil will give us a therapy to balance our mood. That is why it is called aromatherapy. Although aromatherapy is not the major treatment to deal with serious mental problem, at least, it will help you to get a new positive mood. It is also believed that aromatherapy will increase a person’s productivity. Recently, the application of the aromatherapy is not only in our body but also in the environment close to us. Some studies also consider that different scents will create a different mood alteration. So, here the example of our daily mood conditions and the aromatherapy that assist to lift them up.

aromatherapy for emotional health

1. Stress reduction
People that live in an urban area often have a higher stress level compared to people that live in rural area. That is why the business of aromatherapy for emotional health can be easily found in some spa. Actually, it is not a difficult thing to prepare a homemade aromatherapy for yourself. The most common herbal oil used to reduce the stress are geranium, jasmine, rose, and lavender. Generally, this type of aromatherapy can be found easily in the form of candle. You can put the candles inside your bedroom or your bathroom. You can feel the relaxing sensation while you are in your Jacuzzi. The combination both aromatherapy and taking a bath with warm water will reduce your stress level quickly.

2. Anger Management
Some person also have serious problem in managing their anger. If you let this one, it will be your bad habit. It also has a tendency becomes an emotional illness. To overcome this problem, aromatherapy for emotional health will be needed. Lavender, jasmine, rose, orange, and chamomile are the example of the aromatherapy that will give you a good mood. Especially for chamomile, you can enjoy the aroma in the chamomile tea. The mix between aromatherapy and a little caffeine in a glass of coffee is a good way out from your anger.

3. Less Confidence
Having a lack of confidence is also categorized as an emotion issue. However, as it is known, aromatherapy for emotional health will help people that have a lack of confidence. Bay Laurel, cypress, and bergamot are the example of confidence booster. Before meeting people, you can apply the scents in your body by choosing soap, perfume, or body cologne that containing those scents. Not only boost your mood, it also lift the mood of somebody around you. It is a good thing to create a positive atmosphere. Use this before a meeting with clients or your beloved one.

4. Sadness
Sadness or grief is a root of any problem regarding to our mood. To cheer you up quickly, you need an aromatherapy for emotional health. Lemon, orange, and grapefruit are believed as the natural source of the happiness and peace mood. You can get the scents by put the aromatherapy oil in either your bedroom or your workspace. You can also add the sense of lemon and orange in your beverage. Lemon and orange are also known popularly of containing an antibacterial substance. So, it also can improve your body immune.

5. Concentration and focus
You can also take an advantage of using certain natural scents such as cinnamon and peppermint to boost your concentration and focus level. If you need a clear thought, put the aromatherapy in your workspaces. They will help you in doing a fast brainstorming and increase your productivity. The herbal oil are also an energy booster. So, you have known how to apply a lot of dissimilar aromatherapy for emotional health.

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