Substituting Foods for Weight Loss

Substituting Foods for Weight Loss – Food substitutes for weight loss are better than cut out some foods or meals in a day. Our body needs certain amount of calorie and nutrients intake in order to stay healthy. You might have found many tips on diet that tell you to remove some foods. Well, that might be able to help you to lose weight. But, are you sure they are the best ways to keep you healthy at the same time? Stop eating any food that contains carbohydrate is the other thing some people on diet do. Below are some foods and beverage you can choose to go with low calories but still make you healthy.

Substituting Foods for Weight Loss

Substituting Foods for Weight Loss

Substituting foods and beverages to lower the calories

By substituting foods, we gain some advantages. Some of the advantages are we do not have to starve; we can still enjoy tasty foods without gaining more weight; and we can explore our creativity to find innovative recipes with the right ingredients that boost weight loss. Here are some foods and beverage you can have instead of the other ones which have higher calories. If you are the lover of creamy coffee, have for example, the light grande white mocha frappuccino instead of the standard one. If you love to have cheese, choose the 2 table spoons of grated parmesan cheese to replace 1 oz grated cheddar cheese. If you love banana muffin with whole wheat for 4 oz, substitute it with waffles from whole grain that contains more than a half calories of the previous one.

Recommended Good Foods for Weight Loss with Less of Risk

Diet should be enjoyable and fun. So, you can still have turkey burger as long as you choose the lean one. When it comes to tuna or chicken, you better choose grilled chicken breast for 3 oz instead of tuna with salad.

Have fruit foods instead of the non-fruits ones

Doctor or dietitian may suggest you to have a lot of fruits and vegetables. But, you might never know the reasons why. You need to know that we tend to have the same amount of foods each day. No matter how much the calorie, we all tend to have the same volume of foods. Most fruits are rich in water and fiber besides the mineral and vitamins. Having fruits which has high fiber and water can add the amount of foods without calorie increasing. Find more information and tips on food substitutes for weight loss.