Some Pap Smear Tools You Must Know

Some Pap Smear Tools You Must Know

Pap Smear Tools – It can be helpful if you know some pap smear tools for you who need to get pap smear for the first time. A lot of women may freak out and worry about what they will experience at the doctor. It can be really helpful when you know the tools.

Who need pap smear?

First, you need to know who needs pap smear. It will help you staying calm if you know how important pap smear is before thinking about the tools. In fact if you are twenty five years old or more, especially with some sexual experience, pap smear is actually really recommended. The pap smear will help you knowing your reproduction organs well. It can be very helpful for you to recognize even the littlest problem. Almost all reproduction organs can be detected through pap smear. Yes, the pap smear might be a little bit hurt, but it gets you a lot more benefits than you might thought.

The procedures and the tools

The best time to get the pap test is when you are menstruating. It can be more effective and of course the it is hurt less. To start the procedure, the doctor will start by inserting a speculum in to the vagina that helps the doctor to access the cervix and. The speculum will help they vagina stay open. You should not worry about the speculum, the doctor will get it lubricated. The next tool is the endo-cervical brush. It is a soft brush that is used to reach the central of the cervix. It will take the cells that will be checked in the laboratory. The pap smear tools will examine the cell very well. Other tools you have to know is the plastic-fronded. These tools are used to place the spatula and the brush. It is the place where the sample cells and liquid after the gynecologist takes the cells out of the cervix.

Basically, these all are basic tools when a person gets a pap test. In fact, it is very suggested for you who to consider pap smear. To make sure that you are going to get pap tested you can check your condition to the gynecologist about not only should you get pap test, but also when you need the test. You can just check about the pap smear tools before you get the test so you do not have to worry about the pap smear.

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