Six Essential Nutrition for Life

Nutrition for Life – Human needs nutrition to do the activities and keep the healthy life. The nutrition for life is obtained from the foods that we eat. The amounts of the nutrients change as we age. The nutritional needs also depend on our daily activities. People with strenuous activity require more nutrients. It is important to keep the supply of nutrients to suit our needs. If we cannot meet the nutritional needs, we may lose some weight. We also will not be able to make a maximum performance in our activities. Whereas in many modern countries, over nutrition is their new problem. This has led to an epidemic of obesity and it increases the chances for chronic disease. The following list is the six important nutrients that needed by our body. They should exist in every food we eat.

Six Essential Nutrition for Life

1. Water
Water is one of the most important nutrition for life. We need it to transports other nutrients to cells and maintain the body’s homeostasis. We need to consume two or three-liter water per day or 25 to 35 milliliters per one kilogram of your body weight. The water not only be obtained when we drink, the foods we eat also contain lots of water. Water that we get from soup and fruits is calculated to supply our water needs. The watermelon is one kind of fruit, which contains a lot of water.

2. Carbohydrates
Rice, bread, and grains are the main source of carbohydrate. Although the human body can get energy from fats and protein, the carbohydrate is still important for your brains and its neuron. Many dieticians recommend us to get at least 130 grams per day to fulfill the nutrition for life. The whole grains and fruits are the best source of carbohydrate you can get. They also full of fiber that is important to maintain the blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. You can find the carbohydrate calculator on the internet to determine your needs so you will not become overweight.

3. Protein
Protein is the nutrition for life which has a role to build and repair the damaged body cells. It is important to make the essential amino acids in the body. Our body cannot make the essential amino acid itself, so it only obtained from the meals. A healthy meal should contain at least ten to thirty-five percent proteins. The low-fat meat, eggs, beans, and dairy are the source of protein that we can find easily in our daily meals.

4. Fat
Fat is one of the energy sources. It also helps the absorption of some vitamins like A, E, D, and K. The healthy fat from fish, vegetables, and walnut must exist on the thirty-five percent of our meals. Avoid the saturated fat from meat and high-fat dairy so you will not be obese.

5. Minerals
The minerals needed by the body include the sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, and chloride. They have an important function to maintain the right balance of water inside the body. As one of the most important nutrition for life, its presence cannot be underestimated. Milk, cheese, bananas, yogurt, potatoes, and tomatoes are the foods that can supply your daily mineral requirements.

6. Vitamins
There are many kinds of vitamins required by the body. These essential nutrition for life have its own function. For example, the vitamin A is important for healthy eyes and skin. Carrots and other orange foods are the natural sources of this vitamin. Whereas the vitamin C derived from orange and other fruits is used to help the formation of bones, blood vessels, and ligaments.

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