Reveal the Secret of Aromatherapy for Healthy Child

Reveal the Secret of Aromatherapy for Healthy Child

Aromatherapy for Healthy Child – The use of aromatherapy for healthy child has been known from several years ago. The aromatherapy is distilled from various natural sources (usually plants) and result oil. The main purpose of using this essential oil is reducing the use of drugs in child’s medication. Sometimes, children under 6 have experienced many symptoms of minor ailments because their body is still adapting with the environment where their live. It is wise not to give your children a lot of medicine because medicines also have bad effects to their kidney. As the alternative, parents can use aromatherapy to relieve the minor illness because it has less bad impact to our children. In this article, some simple medication for children using aromatherapy will be given.

Aromatherapy for healthy child can be applied when your child is in influenza. It is the most common minor sickness that will attack children under 6. Influenza will inhibit respiration and disturb their sleep. You can use the herbal oil as the inhalation to relieve the symptoms. The herbal oil that is commonly used is eucalyptus oil. You can also add a little bit menthol. For the application, you can dab the oil around their chest and neck. It will help them to lose their hard breath. Make sure that your children are not sweating a lot when you use this herbal oil. If you put the oil when they produce a lot of sweat, it will create a burn sense.

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The second childhood condition that can be fixed by using aromatherapy is travel sickness. Children sometimes experience this one. The main symptoms are pale face, a cold sweat, dizziness, and vomiting a lot. Besides giving them a medication, you can avoid the children travel sickness by arranging their food plan before the trip. It is advised to avoid soda and the other sweet food. These symptoms also can be reduced by diverting their attention into something they like such as a toy and beautiful scenery. For the treatment, you can apply eucalyptus oil in their chest and neck to make them feel better. That is one application of aromatherapy for healthy child.

Moreover, aromatherapy for healthy child is also can be used when your children are in insomnia. There are some reasons why your children can experience insomnia. Usually, they feel afraid of the nightmare or feeling discomfort in their new environment. In order to make them fall asleep easily, you can use lavender oil. You can put the lavender oil around the place where your children sleep. Generally, lavender oil is placed in a little glass bottle. You can open the cap off the bottle and put it in the table near the bed. It is better if the lavender put in a candle. You can use both the fragrance and the light to create comfort atmosphere in the bedroom.

Aromatherapy for healthy child is also well known recently for giving a massage for the baby. If you are not sure to give massage to your baby by yourself, there have been a lot of places that gives a service for baby massaging. They generally use aromatherapy oil. The purpose is not only giving relaxation to the babies, but also stimulating their motoric skills. It will accelerate the development of the babies.

To sum up, you can use the essence oil in every child’s condition. However, not all of children skins give a good reaction to it. Some of them have a certain allergic to particular substance. So, before applying in huge amount, you can have a trial. If nothing happens, you can continue the medication. Aromatherapy for healthy child is not a secret anymore.

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