Nutrition Therapy as a Preventive Act

Nutrition therapy is a term used for any activity that requires guidance in nutrition intake. It is either to prevent someone from getting a symptom and the growth of symptom for those who already got it. A therapy is a safe way to cure people. It has been used around the world. Nutrition is one of the most important things that we should take care about. It gives a big contribution toward our health. If we take care of our nutrition carefully, we have a great chance of living without illness.

Nutrition Therapy as a Preventive Act

For example, sugar. If we carefully watch the amount of sugar we consume, we can prevent ourselves from getting diabetes. In addition, another example is fat. If we eat fat in a normal way, we can prevent ourselves from getting cholesterol. However, can we do that by our own? If we are a kind of healthy watcher, we bet we can. But if we are not, we will need a nutrition therapy.

How important is a nutrition therapy? Consider this situation; we live in a big city where everything goes fast. We wake up in the morning and get to go to work within an hour. What can we eat? We cannot take cereal because we like to eat something with salty taste. The answer is fried. Yes, we eat a lot of fries. It is delicious and simple. So, why shouldn’t we eat that?

In the lunch time, we only have one hour to eat and we want to eat something better that fries to reward ourselves for hard work we have done from the morning. The more delicious the food, the more fat it contains. So, that is it. We go to a stall that sells a tasty food such as fried chicken. We do realize that it is not a healthy choice. And it is not a kind of food that nutrition therapy suggests you eat. The frying oil the seller uses is the same oil that he used yesterday. It is really a bad choice for health.

In the night at dinner time, we even want something more and more delicious. We’ve had enough fried chicken. We want something better and warmer and we choose some kind of chicken soup or meatball. We have it. So, is there healthy food in our daily consumption? No, from day to day, we only adding fat in our body. Can we stop it? No, because we are too busy with our lives. At this point, nutrition therapy seems fairly important.

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The same thing happens in our drink. What do we drink in the morning? It is almost definitely coffee. No matter black, milked, or tasted coffee, we need it sweet. We do not realize that we have a lot of sugar in the morning. What do we drink for lunch? We want something fresh. So, we choose iced tea. Is it sweetened? Yes, almost all people will choose a sweetened iced tea. In the night, we drink the same thing, tea. But maybe we choose a warm tea instead of iced tea. But still, we like it sweet. Therefore, from day to day, we only get a bigger risk of getting diabetes. At this point, nutrition therapy becomes more important.

The therapy is usually done by an expert. Sometimes it is done by a medical doctor. If you choose to get a therapy, make sure you get it from the right person. It is important because if you treat our nutrition in a wrong way, we will only make it worse. Now, when will you start to take nutrition therapy?

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