Meal Substitutes for Weight Loss

Meal Substitutes for Weight Loss – Meal substitutes for weight loss and all information about it are things you should find before you start your dieting program. The difference between good diet and the bad one is only one, good eating habit. Good diet leads and encourages us to have good eating habit. We know exactly how much calorie we should take every day. We also know that nutrients are crucial for our health during the diet program. While the bad on is of course applying the opposite way. It might suggest us to cut out some meals or foods and avoid taking carbohydrate at all. Well, that still can be working, but that is definitely not healthy.

Meal substitutes for weight loss

Meal Substitutes for Weight Loss

Never skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast. That is what some people who do not know about good diet do. This is also the reason why before applying certain diet, we should see our doctor or dietitian. We need to know what foods we should eat; which beverage is good; and what foods should substitute which ones. There are good foods you may have for breakfast. Remember that we need energy to start the day. So, skipping breakfast is not a wise step to do diet.

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Have oatmeal with blueberry or bananas as the topping. Combine with non fat milk or yoghurt to keep you full until lunch time. Oatmeal is definitely a good substitute for rice or sandwich that contains, let’s say, bad carbohydrate. If you love egg, you can make some recipes with this it. Instead of having hotdog or burger for breakfast on the go, have two eggs scrambled with mushroom or spinach. This can give you about 150 calories. This is better than doughnuts or muffins that provide you with 290 calories. If you are black coffee lover, enjoy it. According to one research in America, coffee is amazing antioxidant in diet. But make sure you control the sugar and cream or milk.

Light lunch – light body

Have light lunch like tomato soup (you can find many recipes on this in the internet) and fruit plus vegetable salad. Modification is needed. This will avoid you from boredom. Choose potato salad instead of French fries. Besides, you can have tuna or salmon as additional taste. If you want chicken for dinner, have the baked one instead of the fried one. Replace white pasta with squash spaghetti; and standard or common steak with grass fed steak. They are good meal substitutes for weight loss.