Meal Plans and Healthy Diet for Diabetes

Meal Plans and Healthy Diet for Diabetes – Food choice is important for people living with diabetes. Eating starchy foods, fruits, vegetables, and non-dairy sources of protein are some ways of the healthy diet for diabetes. Living with diabetes does not mean you have to do some strict diet and only eat tasteless food. You need to eat a balance and tasty food because your body needs energy and energy produced from different types of food we eat.

A good meal plans will help you to meet all the nutritional needs of your body and maintain the weight. It will also improve your health and mind focus. Many people want to reduce their weight when they have diabetes possibility. Experts say that you can lower your blood sugar by reducing 5% to 10% of your weight.

Healthy Diet for Diabetes

Meal Plans and Healthy Diet for Diabetes

The healthy diet for diabetes is even more important if the patients also get oral medications. The best meal arrangement for the diabetic is distributed equally throughout the day. The portions of food must comply with the daily caloric needs. Do not eat too much, if you take diabetes tablets or insulin, you can have snacks between the meals. Do not forget to do physical activities along with the healthy eating. The physical activity can help you to manage glucose levels on your blood and reduce your blood fats including cholesterol and triglycerides. Keeping a good meal plan and doing daily exercise can help you to get the ideal weight and increase your energy level.

There are three elements in your food that you have to control. It is fats, sugar, and carbohydrate. Even though the fat is the source of energy, eating too much fat will make you more difficult to control the glucose levels on your blood and it raises your LDL, people usually called it the bad cholesterol. The animal made food like meat, butter, milk, and cheese contains saturated fat. It is important to limit the portion of saturated fats when you plan to have the healthy diet for diabetes. You need to choose low fat milk and yoghurt on your drink. Reduce the use of butter, sour cream, dripping, cream, coconut cream, coconut milk, and cooking margarine. If you like to eat cheese, choose the low fat varieties.

Besides the fats, sugar is also an important thing that you have to pay attention on your healthy diet for diabetes. There are many alternative sweeteners that you can use in cooking and drinks. You can also use fruit juice and other sources as the replacement of your table sugar. Avoid the foods that have a high level of sugar such as sweets, chocolate, and soft drinks. However, some products have a ‘low joule ’or ‘low calorie’ label in the package. The label means that the foods contain significant reduction of calories. The low joule soft drinks and low joule jelly are safe to be consumed by diabetics as long as it is not excessive.

The carbohydrate is the best energy source for the body. According to most of the guide on the healthy diet for diabetes, a quarter foods on your plate must be filled with carbohydrate food. Most of the carbohydrate food also contains fiber, minerals, and vitamins, which is important to your body and brain. You have to spread the supply of carbohydrate evenly on your daily meals. It will help to keep your energy level and avoid the rise of blood glucose levels.

The combination of healthy foods and regular exercise is the best way to reduce diabetes. You do not need to go to the gym or doing some heavy exercise. You can start by walking 30 minutes every day. It will really help your healthy diet for diabetes program.

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