Kinds of Nutrition That You Have To Know

Kinds of Nutrition That You Have To Know

The human body needs special compounds that could be source of living. These are several kinds of nutrition. As part of human characteristics, nutrition in human is both similar and different with other living creatures. Plants can produce their own food. The animal is quite same with human, but the amount of nutrition diverges. Nutrition influences body process and development. There is nutrition for cell growth, repairing tissue, immune system, and etc. Generally, eating is the common way to intake and absorbs them. However, if there is problem in digestive system, another way needs to be done to avoid malnutrition. Moreover, for rare and more specific nutrition, digestion isn’t the right way to put them on our body.

Nutrition has many types and functions. Some of them are essential for our life and the rest have small effect in human body. In general, kinds of nutrition can be divided into two major groups. There are macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients give the basic compound and more important material for human body. If humans can’t have adequate macronutrients, their life would be disaster. The obvious example of macronutrients is water. Micronutrients are used as complementary nutrition. If we don’t get them in right amount, our body acts strangely. For long time period, lacking of micronutrients is dangerous.


The most popular macronutrient is carbohydrates. As one kind of nutrition, it plays crucial role in human body growth. In common view, it can be associated with sugar. People who have diabetes or sugar diet tend to reduce carbohydrate consumption. However, carbohydrate consists of much sugar-related nutrition. They are monosaccharide and disaccharides with one and two sugar chemical bound respectively. If the bond has more than two, it is called polysaccharides. Rice and bread have glucose which is part of monosaccharide. Sugar in milk is lactose. The main function of carbohydrates is energy producer.

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If we heard about fat, our mind would have negative thinking. Fat in nutrition has a lot of type and usage. It is the essential kinds of nutrition. Although, the amount of consumption isn’t like carbohydrates, fat deficiency impacts our body directly. It dissolves water insoluble substances, such as vitamins and certain proteins. Based on fatty acids, fats have two major groups. First is saturated fat and the second is unsaturated fat. Over consumption of saturated fats would be affected our body completely bad. We need to take fats in right numbers.


Protein might be general term for wide range amino acids compounds. As core of protein, amino acids define protein function. They can be part of hormone or brain tissue. The main purpose of protein is body development. If carbohydrates produce energy for life, protein will help and manage energy in right usage. As part of kinds of nutrition, specific body part uses particular protein or certain body metabolism requires exclusive protein type. Animals and plants are sources of protein. We use them to get essential protein. In another side non-essential protein can be obtained in our body with some chemical bond combinations

Minerals and vitamins

Minerals are slightly different with vitamins, but both of them have similar function. The core objective in minerals and vitamins consumptions is body balance condition. Iron and magnesium help protein to extend our cell development. Vitamin A creates better eyesight. It works with other nutrients. As similar with protein, specific vitamins and minerals can be produced in our body. Premature aging is sign of vitamins deficiency. To keep our body health and safe, these kinds of nutrition has to be in exact level. On the other hand, human body will be in danger if we get them excessively.

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