Keep Calm in Weight Loss During Pregnancy

Weight Loss During Pregnancy – Is it normal to have a weight loss during pregnancy? The answer is yes and no. Weight loss is mainly caused by the loss of appetite. It is normal if the weight lose does not give any influence to the health of the mother and the womb. Many researches had been done to find the proper and needed information about this phenomenon.

Pregnancy is a big deal. Imagine the situation; normally you live on your own. All the food you eat and the water you drink will give the benefit to your own body. The nutrition is taken in your blood to be distributed to any part of your own body. You have nothing to worry about. But then, if you come to pregnancy, those things might be quite different. You have to live with literally two bodies. That body is eating what you eat. It drinks what you drink. So, if you eat a piece of bread, that bread will be “eaten” by two persons. Therefore, it is no wonder why weight loss during pregnancy sometimes happens.Weight Loss during Pregnancy

Weight Loss During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not only about a fact that you live with two bodies. Sometimes, pregnancy can also affect the food intake to your body. Seldom we see a pregnant mother eats normally, do we? It is because pregnancy gives a big contribution to the loss of appetite. A pregnant mother will eat less than normal, which is if she gets so lucky to eat without vomiting after it. That is indeed also another nightmare of pregnancy, vomiting. Not only ruining your appetite more and more, it also means that you throw away the nutrition that you had taken before. At this point, weight loss during pregnancy will make sense.

How can you not lose any weight if you eat less and throw away more? Moreover, weight loss in pregnancy can be dangerous for your health. Our body is like a machine that needs nutrition as the fuel. If we are run out of the fuel, the machine could fail and so are we. The situation may become worse. If we fail, the baby in our body will also fail. I am not joking. Weight loss during pregnancy can kill the baby and the mother.

Nutrition is closely related to the body defense. If we have less nutrition, we have less body defense. And i fit happens, any germ will easily infect our body. It will lead to a bad condition of a pregnant mother. She will get ill. Illness during pregnancy can lead to a bad condition of the baby. Have an illness during pregnancy is not good news. In addition, it will make the mother becomes weaker and weaker. Of course, it can be dangerous since the womb is so weak and it needs protection from its strong mother. At this point, we have to consider a preventive act to save the mother from weight loss during pregnancy.

Furthermore, we can make our conclusion here. The weight loss is safe as long as it did not affect the health of the mother as well as the baby’s. However, if you insist to keep your weight during pregnancy, you can try several ways. First, don’t vomit. Vomiting means loss of everything. Second, eat a lot of nutritious food. You know that you can’t eat much. So, make sure you eat something worth to eat even just a little. You can try some supplements like pregnancy milk or something else in the market to replace the food if you like. In that way, you will save yourself from the weight loss during pregnancy.

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