Important Vitamins and Minerals for Your Health

Vitamins and Minerals for Your Health

Important Vitamins and Minerals – It is very important to keep your body enough with vitamin, nutrient, and mineral. By having enough vitamins, nutrient, and mineral, your metabolism runs well. When your metabolism runs well, it means you are healthy. Now, it is good to know about what kind of vitamins and minerals you need to consume to keep your health. If you are asked to drink water with your doctor, you should do it. This is concerning to the fact that water is very important to keep your fresh and healthy. You can prevent yourself from dehydration. It is good to drink a glass of water every hour or whenever you want instead of drinking soda or sweet water.

Moreover, you have to include vitamin B in the list of vitamins and minerals you should consume to keep your health. Vitamin B is very important for your body because it helps your metabolism to keep blood runs well and nerves works well. In specific, your body need to get vitamin B especially vitamin B12 around 2.4 mcg per day. You can get it from foods or healthy supplements. Vitamin B is not the only vitamin you need to keep your health. Actually, you also need to get enough vitamin D to make sure that your metabolism works maximally. You need to make sure that your body has enough vitamin D so you can absorb calcium. Moreover, it is also important to keep your muscles strong. You can get vitamin D from morning sunlight or foods. You can just eat fish, egg yolk, and also fortified milk to fulfill the need of vitamin D.


If you are in diet program, it is good to consult about what kind of foods and supplements you can consume so you don’t have to run out of vitamins and minerals. Just make sure that you are okay although in your diet program so you will get your ideal weight as well as your health. It is okay for you to take supplements as long as the supplement is safe and based on the recommendation of your doctor. The most important thing, it will be better if you can eat foods which contain of vitamin, nutrient and mineral because it is safe enough and easily absorb by your body. Just combine the vitamin and mineral along with exercise so you will get your health and positive feeling everyday even in your hectic days. In short, this is how healthy people keep their spirit to finish their days. Just try it!

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