How to Lose Weight after Giving Birth

How to Lose Weight after Giving Birth – Losing weight after giving birth is usually done by most women around the world. They did it because they simply want to get back the body they have before pregnancy. As we all notice, women will gain so many weights during pregnancy. Of course, women are not allowed to do any diet programs in that situation. They still need complete nutrients to feed their baby. Losing weight or diet can be done after giving birth. If the birth process is through caesar, consult about it first with the doctor. Anyway, here are some of our tips in losing weight after giving birth.

how to Losing Weight after Giving Birth

How to Lose Weight after Giving Birth


You read that right, ladies. Who knows that breastfeeding can reduce our weight amount. This motherly act can help them decreasing their heft gradually. This, at least, will show the result in six months after being in labor. During this process, there is an amount of hormones released into the body. These hormones will help in shaping the uterus back to normal size. For more information, breastfeeding is said to be able to burn 200 to 500 calories per day. The number of it is similar with swimming for several hours. Isn’t that amazing?

Working Out

Working out is possibly the best way to lose our weight. It can burn the calories inside our body more effectively. For postpartum women, this activity can be done too. However, like we mentioned before, if we just did an caesar, ask about it first with our doctor. Once we are good enough to do it, do some simple moves in the beginning. Cardio exercise can be a great start for that. In addition, try to do it with some friends or other women who just gave birth too. That will increase our motivation even more.

Playing Around with Babies

Among of all method we included here, this is the most perfect one for postpartum mothers. We can play around with babies and reduce weight at the same time. To illustrate it, we can simply walk while holding the baby. Running or jumping is not recommended since it will give bad impact to the babies. Alternatively, using a stroller is a good option. We can push it slowly while doing a walking lunge. By conducting this activity, both mother and baby can be happy together in the end.

Eating Properly

Decreasing our food portion is not suggested here. We must know that babies still need healthy nutrients though breastfeeding. However, we do not say we can over eating as well. So, what to do then? Well, we only need to balance what we eat. In this case, we have to eat three times a day with a well-balanced menu. Do not consume unhealthy snacks. If you want a meal at snack time (usually at 3 PM), eat some healthy fruits like orange or avocado. More importantly, complete this program by drinking water.

Sleep Well

Taking care of a baby can be so tiring. In fact, most mothers cannot sleep really well. They have to wake up at midnight or even dawn to calm their crying baby. However, in order to lose weight, we still need to sleep properly. When we are tired, some stress hormones might can trigger the weight increase. Not to mention, when we are stress, we do not pay some good attention to ourself. For instance, we are no longer care about what we eat. That could fail our program of losing weight after giving birth.

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