High and Low Food Calories for Body’s Balance

High and Low Food Calories for Body’s Balance – High and low food calories determine some conditions in your body. The calories contain in one portion of meal are responsible for the production of the energy. The other functions of these calories are maintaining the vital metabolism inside the body. The needs of the calories for each person are different. The variances depend on some variables. There are sex, age, weight, and frequency of doing sport which will affect a number of ideal calories to be consumed daily. Unfortunately, some people describe calorie as a harm substance. After that, they extremely eat food with low calories. This habit will lead them having underweight body, weak immunity, and also organ failure. To get a balanced metabolism, these followings are the combination of food with high and low calories for your weekly menu.

High and Low Food Calories for Body’s Balance

The first thing to get the maximal function of high and low food calories in your meals is by combining the variation of the carbohydrate that you consume weekly. If you are accustomed to consuming rice, bread, or potato, you may try to replace that kind of carbohydrate menu with brown rice and oatmeal. Both foods are good to have your blood sugar level in balance. Furthermore, the fiber contains in oatmeal is good for digestive system. This kind of carbohydrate has the other extra superiority. If you consume it for your breakfast, it will keep your satiety much longer. Combine two kinds of high and low calories carbohydrate for the better result.

Secondly, find a good mix of high and low food calories in your own salad. In order to make the ideal and healthy salad, you can make it by yourself. The focus is the mixing of corn and beans. Beans are popularly known as one of the sources of high protein and high calories food. In contrary, corn has lesser calories. So, combining it in a bowl of salad will make a balanced meal for your breakfast. In addition, a study has proved that a boiled egg in your salad bowl will assist your body to absorb carotenoid (the color pigment in vegetables and fruit). It also supports you to have an ideal body.

Moreover, you can try the other kind of salad by mixing spinach and avocado oil. High and low food calories are contained in the two vegetative source of food. Avocado is one fruit that has a high level of calories in it. Additionally, it also contains high level of fat. But, you do not have to worry because it is a good fat in avocado. Since avocado oil is one food with high calories, you can meet the balance by put spinach as the low food calories. This combination gives you not only balance calories in one menu. You can also gain more fiber. Fiber will be very good for your digestive system.

Next, you should put a little concern in your protein source. The easiest example is chicken. Many people avoid chicken when they are in diet. The fact is you also need protein and chicken is one good example of poultry that will give you last longer satiety. The best plan of gaining high and low food calories is by choosing the right parts of the chicken parts that you will consume. If you go to supermarket, choose chicken fillet. The most common chicken part that is recommended from nutritionists is chicken breast.

In addition, you can manage the calories not only from the combination of your food. You can also do the same thing with your drinks. For the coffee lover, you may add some cinnamons to you’re a cup of coffee. That is all the combination of high and low food calories for healthy life. www.weightlossideass.com.

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