Healthy Foods for 50s

Healthy Foods for 50s

Healthy Foods for 50s – Being 50s is not bad at all. Actually, you just need to keep your health and one way to keep it is by eating the right foods. Like it or not, you have to consider about your age and the nutrients you need. But, you don’t need to worry. You can still eat something delicious and healthy at the same time even in your elderly period. The question is what kind of food you have to eat in your 50s? For your information, there are still a lot of healthy foods you can eat.

For example, you can eat fruits. Actually, it is better to eat fruits directly without any other treatment like crushed or mixed. But, if you have to do it, just create a glass of fresh juice or smoothies without sugar. The natural taste of fruits contain of vitamins and fibers which is good for your health. You can eat specific fruits like banana, apple, blueberries, melon, and many more. Then, you can also mix it with vegetables. In fact, eating vegetables is also good for your health. For people over 50 years old, it is better to consume darker and leafy green vegetables. This is because those vegetables are rich of anti-oxidant. You can choose to eat broccoli, kale and spinach. It is also good to eat yellow vegetables such as carrots, squash, and yams.

50 years old means that you have to keep your bone health. Because of that, don’t forget to eat something which contain of calcium. Calcium is very important because it prevents you from osteoporosis or bone fracture. Just choose healthy foods such as milk, yogurt, kale, broccoli, tofu, and cheese.

Don’t forget also to eat whole grains because it is full of nutrients and fiber. In fact, some of products are also made with whole grains. Just choose pasta, bread or cereal which has “whole” sign on the package. Definitely, it is also important for you to eat foods contain of high level of protein. Actually, red meat is the best ingredient which gives you enough protein but it is better to change it with different type of ingredients. Actually, you can get enough protein from beans, fish, eggs, nuts, low fat milk, cheese, and many more. So, if you think that you will eat something not delicious in your 50s, you are wrong. Just prepare those healthy ingredients above and serve healthy foods at home. You will be surprise because it seems that you are eating something that more delicious than your regular foods.

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