Five Applications to Make You Health Expert on Your Own

5 Applications to Make You Health Expert on Your Own

Are you thinking about some personal medical tools you can have at home? Well, there are a lot of things you can have at home. But, have you considered some applications to keep your medical records? It will absolutely be a great idea idea to keep your medical record on your own. In fact, there are five application that can be great medical tools to keep your health record.

Free medical records

There are at least five applications you can get from Google. The first is the Patient Information. The Patient Information is an account in Dropbox where you can have up to 2 GB memory for free. This application offers you stores for your health records. You can also sign up some health provider to make you easier keeping your data. The second is the Epocrates. The Epocrates is a medical recording application that allows you to keep the medical records and to search the common side effects when you pick some medicine due to your health condition. The best part about Epocrates is that you can just install it for free in your smart phone. It works with i operating system and any android operating system. It can help you recording your medical condition and the possible medicine you may have to take and when if you need further consultation with your doctor.

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What if you need to record your vital condition? There are two medical recording applications that will be the third and fourth records. The third is the Cardiio. It is a medical application which is available only for iPhone. You can record your blood pressure and every vitals signs. Th fourth recording application is the Withings. It is also another application for your computer and your smart phone. It is just like the Cardiio, but it has some links some commercial products. So you need to be selective if you need to buy some products as other personal medical tools you can use at home. The last application is the applications for women. Just look up to Google and you can pick one of free applications for you to install one application to record your period condition every month.

Personal medical tips

Keeping you own medical record is a good idea for you to watch your medical condition. But, you still cannot perform any medical act on your own. Indeed, the applications would be the best idea to tell you when you have to see the doctor. It is also a good support to check your lifestyle, like when you have to adjust your diet and exercise schedule based on the records on your personal medical tools

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