Everything That You Need to Know About MRI Machine

Everything That You Need to Know about MRI Machine(1)

There are various types of tools that are used to examine patients in hospital these days. One of the most common tools that are used to examine patients is MRI machine which is basically used in order to make pictures of structures and organs inside patients’ body. Basically, MRI works similar to X-ray, CT scan, or ultrasound. The only different is that MRI could give more details and information that couldn’t be seen using CT scan, X-ray, or ultrasound. The pictures that are obtained from MRI scan came in digital images form that could be stored and saved on computer for further study. Doctors and medical experts also could review the pictures from MRI scan remotely in clinic or operating room.

Basically, there are two common types of MRI machine that you could find these days. The first type is called open machine. This type of machine could allow doctors to get MRI scan without have to enclose your entire body. Getting MRI scan using open machine is considered more comfortable for some patients. However, this type of machine is not available everywhere. Only few selected hospitals that have this type of machine for MRI scan. Most hospitals that serve MRI scan use machine for standard MRI. Even though this type of machine will enclose the entire body of the patient, the image quality of this type of machine is better than pictures that are resulted from open machine.

MRI scan could be done for various parts of your body, from head to spine. Basically, scanning using MRI machine is used to find problems and health issues such as bleeding, tumors, blood vessel diseases, injury, or even infection. During the MRI scan, the operator might use contrast materials in order to show abnormal tissue more clearly. One of the most common body parts that could get MRI is head. MRI scan on head is used to look at tumors in brain. MRI scan on head is also used to find aneurysm, nerve injury, and bleeding in brain tissue.

Besides head, other body part that could get MRI is chest. To get pictures of organs inside chest, doctor could use X-ray. However, if the X-ray couldn’t provide proper details and information, doctor might suggest the patient to get MRI scan instead. MRI scan on chest could help the doctor to find heart diseases, lung damages, or even problems in coronary blood vessels. Other body parts that could be examined by using MRI machine are including abdomen, pelvis, bones, joints, and spine.

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