Essential Nutrition for Kids

Essential Nutrition for Kids

influence the growth and development of the kids. One of factors that influence their growth is nutrition. Nutrition is the important component of food that will support the human growth. However, nutrition for kids is something that most of parents forget. The nutritional content of food is mostly ignored. As a result, food supplies of the kids are less controlled, so the growth and development process of the kids will get influenced. In the even that; this article is made to give information about what kind of nutrition that takes a big role on the growth and development of the children.

The nutrient is an essential component that is very required by the humans’ bodies. Not only providing energy but nutrient also has a significant role on contributing to the development and growth of the children. A good nutrition for kids, such as protein plays a big part in the intelligence development of the kids. Besides that, protein also grants to build a healthy tissue and muscle in the children’s’ bodies. For this reason, combining your children’s food with fish, egg or buns are seems great since those foods are rich in protein.

As similar to the protein, another fundamental nutrition for kids is the vitamin. As an illustration, Vitamin A is needed by the body to stimulate a sight development of the children. It influences the functioning immune system too. Otherwise, vitamin A deficiency leads to blindness and another deadly disease like diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia. Equally to Vitamin A, another kind of vitamins supports the growth of the children too. This is to say Vitamin D is required in order to support the process of bone formation. A lack of vitamin D condition leads to cancer, osteoporosis, and any other disease that related to the bones.

Furthermore, another vital nutrition for kids that is needed is Calcium. Therefore, giving your children an enough amount of milk, salmon, cheese and tofu in the early age is required. The calcium content that those foods contain is crucial for formatting the bones and teeth structure in the children’s bodies. Not only supporting the bone structure but this mineral also is partly responsible on the blood clotting process. People who do not get enough calcium will highly likely suffer any bone fracture or even will suffer hemophilia; the condition in which the blood cannot clot by itself.

As a crucial as that nutrition above, Carbohydrate comes up as the primary source of energy for the humans’ bodies. Since the kids tend to be active in their early age, so an enough amount are required to support their move. Every day, it is about 50% – 60% carbohydrate that should kids consume. A good carbohydrate also could help the body to keep its heart healthy. Consuming an enough amount of good carbohydrate will improve the digestion process in their body too. After all, carbohydrate is one of beneficial nutrition for kids.

Fiber is an influential component that is used to support a healthy digestive system. Per day, at least 3 grams of fiber should be consumed by children. In order to comply a daily fiber needs, children should eat fruits or vegetables every day. Another benefit of fiber is that it helps to reduce a cancer risk. For this reason, fiber is considered as one of essential nutrition for kids. Identically it helps the body on keeping its system clean too. In conclusion, fiber is a nutrition that should be consumed beside protein, carbohydrate, and vitamin.

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