Earlier Step to Prevent Alzheimer

Step to Prevent Alzheimer – Actually, there are people who suffered from such kind of disease and it called as Alzheimer. Before it is too late, it is better for you to know earlier steps to prevent Alzheimer.

Earlier Step to Prevent Alzheimer

One of steps to prevent Alzheimer is by choosing the right food to eat. It is very important to eat full of nutrient, vitamin A, and vitamin C to prevent Alzheimer. Green leafy vegetables are the best ingredient to prevent Alzheimer. Those are including Kale, spinach and broccoli. You can just serve this ingredient at least 2 times a week. To give variation in your healthy eating habit, you also need to eat ingredients consist of fiber, healthy fat, and anti oxidant. One of ingredients which contain of those three useful compounds is nuts. It is better for you to eat it at least 5 times a week. For those who want to protect your brain, you can just eat blueberries. This fruit is useful for your cognitive. Just eat blueberries 2 times a week and you will feel the positive impact.

If we talk about steps to prevent Alzheimer, it means you also eat ingredients which contain of protein and calories. Because of that, don’t forget to eat beans. Don’t underestimate this tiny ingredient because bean contains of high level of protein, calories, and fiber which can protect your brain. Just prepare it 3 times a week as your food. It is not only about eating vegetables but also eating the right food. If you want to eat different type of food, you can just eat whole grains bread. In specific, you can just serve whole grains bread three times a day and it keeps you away from Alzheimer. Whole grains bread is not the only one you can eat to prevent Alzheimer. It is also good to eat fish especially salmon.

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Just imagine, some people especially Mediterranean people eat fish everyday and it is a common thing if they have healthy brain. But, you can just eat fish once a week and you will protect your brain. Hopefully, the earlier steps to protect your brain for Alzheimer can be done and effective. Later, you can say goodbye to Alzheimer and you will have strong brain even in your elderly period. It is really simple because most of the ingredients are easy to find and worth it to try.

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