10 Simple Changes to Save Your Health

Do simple changes to save your health! Experts said that the key to defeat disease is lifestyle changes, exercising and a healthy diet. For those who are accustomed coming to fast food restaurants located in every corner of the city, eating processed foods, breathing polluted air, and getting stress at work and at home which have taken control of your career, relationships, and happiness, making a change to have a healthier lifestyle will certainly be a challenge. In fact, staying healthy is not just an option, it is a necessity! So do not blame your genetics, your job, or lack of time. If you want to be healthy, active and happy, you have to start it today. The good news is that there are actually small, simple changes to save your health, which can give a great impact on your health. Here is an easy change you can do to ensure your health piggy bank is full to the brim.

Do These 10 Simple Changes to Save Your Health

1. Tidying up your bed after waking up

This may seem annoying or a cliché resolution. But with tidying up your bed, you will make the body warmed up for the next activities. Moreover, clean up the bedroom in the morning is suspected to be a factor that makes a person’s productivity level high.

2. Get rid of coffee and cake to walk and talk

Just because you make a change to a more healthy live does not mean that you cannot catch up with your friends. Instead of going to the cafe and ordering coffee and cake, invite your friends out to walk around and chat, catching up on gossips.

3. Positive thinking

You have to have positive and healthy habits. Positive thinking is very essential if you want to be healthy. You need to clear your mind and pile it up with positive thinking. You should let all the depressing and negative emotions go and switch it with the positive one. Positive thinking can increase energy and always leads to great things in life.

10 Simple Changes to Save Your Health

4. Say goodbye to soft drinks

One option that many people choose when they are in a hot and tiring air is drinking fresh and cold beverage. Their option might be soft drink. But, you know, the sweet taste in a can of soft drink is equivalent to seven teaspoons of sugar! This will certainly have a negative impact to your health, such as obesity, tooth decay and heart disease. So, get rid of your soft drinks and replace with water consumption as much as possible. You should do one of simple changes to save your health.

5. Start consuming low fat dairy

If you are milk lover, this is your alternative to a healthy body without stopping your pleasure. Immediately replace the ice cream or yogurt containing full-fat milk with ice cream and low-fat yogurt. Try to combine low-fat yogurt with fruit as a midnightsnack and you will get a sweet treatment without adding fat and calories.

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6. Reduce your daily caffeine consumption

The major function of caffeine in the body is increasing psychomotor activity so the body is maintained and provided physiological effects including increased energy. Caffeine is usually contained in coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, beverage supplements, and medications that contain caffeine. Consuming too much caffeine will cause serious problems that interfere with your life such as heart beating faster, trembling, hypertension and gastric disorders. If you used to enjoy a hot drink, you can replace it with a drink made from slices of ginger, honey and lemon. Warm taste of ginger and the sweetness of honey would create a delicious combination. They will also solve your digestive problems that may occur after you change your diet.

7. Add more fiber in your plate

Do you want to reduce abdominal fat, have more energy, and reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer? Eat more fiber! This is one of simple changes to save your health. You need to eat healthy foods to be fit and healthy. Try to avoid processed foods. The main reason for poor health and diseases is improper food habits. Food that looks as simple as vegetables, fruits, nuts, tubers, lean meats, nuts, etc. will keep you healthy and strong. Fiber also makes you feel full longer, which is very good for preventing increases in some extra ounces. To get more fiber, replace white bread with whole grain bread, select brown rice than white rice. Eat an apple, a bowl of strawberries or a glass of juice of fruits and vegetables in your snack time.

8. Outdoor exercises

Exercise does not have to be time consuming, tedious or difficult. For beginners, you can start by doing one exercise to a minimal amount of time. You do not have to go to the gym. Keep your exercise outdoors once or twice a week. Besides ensuring that you can feel the closeness to nature, outdoor exercise is very good for your eye health, heart and mental health so that you can avoid stress.

10 Simple Changes to Save Your Health

9. Keep your portions

Using a smaller plate is probably the easiest way to control your eating portion to have a healthy diet. Using a smaller plate will make you eat less. Why? It is an optical illusion. Your mind will outsmart you to eat less and stay full visually. Eat slowly and enjoy the taste and aroma of each bite.

10. Start socializing

Social interaction is an important part of our emotional health. What is even better is take the time to laugh. Laughter releases tension and calm the mind and body. Laugh everyday by talking, chatting, and joking with your friends and family. By taking some time to laugh, you will live a happier and peaceful life.

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You do not have to make drastic changes in your lifestyle. It is enough to start by making simple changes and make sure you also enjoy it. Try to make a simple change in your regular habit to achieve long-term success. It is very important to improve your health to be happy and enjoy life. Doing all those simple changes to save your health and make you feel strong and fit. As a result, you will feel a sense of comfort, both emotionally and physically. So, what are you waiting?