Diet with Indian Foods

Diet food recipes Indian can be good alternative to avoid boredom during diet. We have to remove the opinions that say diet foods are boring. We can modify, combine and invent new diet recipes to make our diet enjoyable. Having enjoyable diet? Why not? Here are some recipes to have fabulous diet with tasty Indian foods.

Diet with Indian Foods

Indian foods worth to try

Losing weight is not merely about hard exercises and boring meals. Although you should substitutes or subtract some foods, you should also consider having all foods groups. Healthy should always become the prime thing. Make sure you have the right proportion of proteins, grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables in every meal. Here are some low fat meals that can make your diet days colorful. What a wonderful days of diet if you can enjoy pumpkin soup, minestrone soup, oats soup, chicken noodle soup and broccoli soup.

There are various recipes for each serve.  You may find the most delicious according to your taste. Here we are going to discuss one recipe, the chicken noodle soup. All you need to prepare is carrot, celery, whole chicken, egg noodles, Italian seasoning, powder of black pepper and olive oil. Make the stock out of vegetables you love, such as carrot, onion, garlic and celery. Remove the bones of the whole chicken and slice it into cubes or convenient size you desire and then prepare the noodle. Serve it separated from the chicken noodle or have it together, either way is not reducing the enjoyment. Find detail ways of making it and modify your diet meals every day.

More Indian foods for your diet

Remember that diet is also about fulfilling enough nutrients to our body. You can make simple Indian foods like cabbage salad. Prepare shredded cabbage in about 2 cups and chopped green chilies as well as dhania (coriander). Mix them in the dressing. The dressing is made of lemon juice (2 table spoons), olive oil (1tsp), dhania powder (1 tsp coriander), chili powder (depends on your taste), black salt and asafeotida each ¼ tsp and enough sugar-salt. Combine all of them and serve. This meal gives you about 55 kcal energy; 1.5 gm protein; 6 gm carbohydrate; 2.5 gm fat; and 2.5 fibers. You may have the other recipes such as tum yum soup, chick pea salad and mint dressing. Find more recipes to increase your diet food recipes Indian.

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