Diet Should Be Deliciously Fun

Delicious diet food recipes can be found a lot in books, magazines and websites discussing diet and healthy foods. False opinion on diet might have wide spread. Some people think diet is only a way to be suffering. They also think that diet always lead to bad foods although they are said to be healthy. Well, that might be true in some cases. But, diet should not be torturing or painful. Having delicious food and still lose weight sound to be impossible. Remove that thought now, because it is absolutely possible.

Diet Should Be Deliciously Fun

Some delicious diet recipes for fun diet

High fiber and high protein foods are suggested when we are on diet. Why? Because the fiber helps and supports our metabolism, while the protein is needed for muscles building. If you are busy person and feel that preparing diet meal is so time consuming, try these ones. Some of these recipes take only about 15 minutes to prepare. For breakfast, you may have the broccoli omelet and toast. Besides containing high fiber, you can also get good carbohydrate to keep you full until the next meal. In break time, when you have the options of coffee or green tea, choose green tea smoothie with spices.

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This beverage will burn fat effectively. Mix green tea with agave nectar, cayenne spices and lemon and you will get all nutrients you need in a glass. A study shows that having green tea at least 4 times each day can make us lose weight about 6 pounds. If you still feel the hunger, you may have the chocolate dipped bananas. Slice bananas into convenient size, dip them in chocolate and put them in microwave for some minutes. The bananas are good carbohydrate, while the chocolate is good additional ingredient for metabolism boosting.

Adjust the meal with your activities

When bananas dipped in chocolate still make you hungry because you are mobile kind of person, have the almond butter toast with banana topping. You may also have this for breakfast to combine with a glass of non fat milk or chocolate. All you need are bananas, grain rye bread and almond butter. It contains about 280 calories. So, it is good to make you full without gaining fat. Having the grilled chicken with fruits or vegetable salad for dinner is definitely a great idea. There are many combinations for this chicken grilled, find them and enrich your menu collection of delicious diet foods.

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