Diet Menu for Food Lovers

Food lovers diet menu is one of the things you should find if you are one of food lovers and plan to lose weight. It can be so difficult for food lover to stop eating or snacking. If you are also facing the same issue, don’t worry. This can be tricked by substituting the foods you usually have every day. But please note that it does not mean you are led to have boring and yuck foods instead of the yummy and delicious ones.

Diet Menu for Food Lovers

Choose your menu and enjoy your diet

Diet indeed should be enjoyable and for food lover, tasty food is a must. Here some delicious foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Remember, it is not the muscles we are going to lose. It is the fat that we are going to remove. The total of all nutrients you should take for breakfast is about 390 calories. So, you can have about 23% fat, 17% protein, 60% carbohydrate, about 6,7g fiber, 350g calcium, 110 mcg folid acid and 4.3 mg iron. For you who love waffle, choose which is made of whole grain. You may have 1 tsp peanut butter as the topping. And then, to complete the taste, you may also have a cup of blueberries and a glass of orange juice. Make sure you control the sugar. Changing the regular sugar with diet sugar is a good idea. If you usually have cereal for breakfast, you may have it combine with walnuts, low fat milk, strawberries and dried fruit.

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Lunch and dinner should be as tasty as breakfast

For lunch, you need about 499 calories and 599 calories for dinner. If you are busy person, you can prepare lunch from home. Have the sandwich with peanut butter. Two slices of whole wheat bread with honey, peanut butter and small banana as the topping can be a good idea instead of hotdog you can buy in every corner. Have also the low fat milk or chocolate to keep you full and energetic. If you often dine out, have dinner at home with meat and potatoes. About 3 ounces sirloin steak with baked potatoes, peas and carrot seem to be healthier. You can always control the ingredients at home. That is another good thing of having dinner at home. There are many more tasty menus for diet, such as chicken fajitas and dill-lemon salmon. Have you got more food lovers diet menu?

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