Dangerous Diet Plans You Shouldn’t Do

Dangerous Diet Plans You Shouldn’t Do – Dangerous diet plans are something you should know before doing diet plan. In fact, diet is one way to solve your overweight problem. Nowadays, there are also various diet plans you can do to overcome your overweight. What you need to know is that there are also several diet plans which have to avoid. Even, those diet plans are considered as dangerous diet plans. Let’s learn a little bit about that dangerous diet plans.

Dangerous Diet Plans You Shouldn’t Do

1. Hollywood Diet

Probably, you know about this type of diet plan. If you know about this diet, it is a must for you not to do it. The idea of Hollywood diet was found by Jamie and Larry. Just like the name of the diet, they have several products which are claimed to make you have ideal weight just like a Hollywood star. Just imagine! By eating their shake and cookies you can reduce around two up to nine pounds. They said that their products are low calories product. The problem is that extreme low calories diet is not good for you. The negative effect of this type of extreme diet is making you starving, diarrhea, fatigue, constipation, and nausea.

2. Baby Food Diet

One of dangerous diet plans is known as baby food diet plan. Just like the name of the diet, you have to change your ordinary food with pureed food. The amount of the pureed food is also small and commonly in a small jar. To support the pureed food, you have to eat low calories menu. This type of diet is considered as dangerous diet because the type of the food itself. Pureed food is good for baby but not good for you. The long term effect is unhealthy although it helps you to loss your weight. It will be better if you consume fruits and vegetables instead of pureed food for baby.

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3. Feeding Tube Diet

This diet is even dangerous. Just imagine! The amount of the food is the same with the tube. The problem is not only about the amount of the food but also the type of the food. You are asking to eat low calories, low fat, and low protein. Definitely, you are not suggested to do this type of diet. With such kind of diet, your stomach is empty. In the long term, you will be suffered from ketosis. As the result, you will also suffer from constipation, kidney stone, dehydration, dizzy, and many more.

4. Lemonade Diet

One more diet which you don’t need to do is lemonade diet. It is true that this fruit is considered as master cleanser fruit when you combine it with water. The problem is that when you take it as diet product. It seems that you lose your weight but not too long. Your weight will be back soon and even you will be very difficult to reduce it. This is because you lose your muscle mass and it gives significant impact to your body metabolism.

The key is that you are finding the best or healthy diet plans. Definitely, you have to avoid dangerous diet plans because the impact is bad for your health. www.weightlossideass.com.

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