Daily Calories Needs for Better Health and Life

Daily Calories Needs for Better Health and Life – As human being, we need energy for life activities. This energy is called daily calories need. Actually, calorie is one of metric system. It measures energy to raise temperature one degree Celsius in one gram water. Calorie source can be found in various substances. To extract energy, every compound has its own methods and techniques. Foods are the important calorie source for living creatures. There are many other sources to get energy. We have to remember that energy can’t be created but change from one form to others. Because calorie is metric term in energy measurement, common people misunderstand the concept calorie and energy.

Daily Calories Needs for Better Health and Life

Daily Calories Needs for Better Health and Life

Daily calories need in human depend on some reasons. Mainly, gender is the basic and common principles when people try accomplish their calorie needs. Men and women are different in energy consumption. A special condition such pregnant and breast feeding have exclusive calculation. Beside gender, physical activity and age play important matter in human body metabolism. Football players require plenty of energy that make them have high-calorie level. There are three physical groups in calorie measurement. Sedentary and moderate activity use average calories usage. Active people take so much calorie and they consume foods that contain high level of carbohydrates.

Daily calories need in men and women

Men and women are completely different in physical and mental. If two persons, man and women, have same age and physical activity, man tends to use more energy than woman. In daily calories need, 12 years old boys need average 2200 calories and 2000 calories for girls in same age. The gap 200 calories would be bigger if boys do more exercises. Beside age, gender, and activity, body mass index is one of key factor in calories measurement. Men have high index compare to women. This index affects density in muscle form. To move small physical contact, men use much energy. Women have efficiency in energy usage because their index is low.

When we measure women calories requirement, special condition on women should be excluded. Pregnancy increases foods consumption. Calories level also important in breast feeding. Baby gets energy from their mother. Daily calories need is difference in women and men rise as their ages continually increase. Less than five years old, boys and girls have same amount of calories requirement. That is the reason why baby and kids must have rich nutrients foods. For their growth and development, parent should aware about their children calories needs. Gradually, the gap increase to 200 calories. This distinction applies in same physical activity.

Manage daily calories needs

Ideally, our foods consumption produces the same amount of calories that we need. Equality in daily calories needs is important to quality health. When people have not enough energy, their mind and body get problem. Although physical activity is based on calories measurement, we cannot ignore any mental situation. In high-stress level workplace, employee gets hungry quickly. Their activity might be less than athletes, but their brain take energy excessively to thinking process.

There are some tips for calories intake management. We have to know a number of calories in foods that eat every day. If our body weight is good, normal foods are better. The best advice is consuming more proteins than carbohydrates. Proteins help body to recover and repair faster than other nutrition. For short term, carbohydrates are very useful, but it isn’t good option for long time daily calories needs. When our body have excess carbohydrates or sugar, they will be converted into fats compounds and save under skin. Another wise solution in calorie management is drink water and does some exercises.

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