Smoothie Diet Weight Loss to Make Your Diet Tasty

Smoothie diet for weight loss

Smoothie diet for weight loss is a good idea to enjoy diet, since diet should be enjoyable and fun. Remove your opinion of scary and painful diet. Everything we do with fun and happy heart always reaches better result. Smoothie, as you might often order in a restaurant or café, provides not only good taste, but also good texture in mouth. The soft and light texture will also support our digestion system works easier compared to it with large and harsh meal. It is suggested that you call your dietitian and make an appointment for discussion. But meanwhile, here some smoothie recipes you can keep and bring to the discussion. Vitamins, minerals and nutrients should be considered well in your diet. That is why the help from professional is needed to enlighten you with the right measurement of each food you should have every day.

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Prepare your blender and choose your favorite smoothie recipes

Berry smoothie sounds to be just great to start the day. It contains about 280 calories and 5.0 fat; 35g sugar; 3.3g fiber as well as about 10g protein. You must have heard that protein is good for diet. It is true. Protein helps to build muscles and we plan to lose our fat, not our muscle. Choose blueberry to give you plenty of antioxidant that is certainly needed in diet. If you think you can go only with the berry smoothie, combine it with oat cereal. This will make you stay full until lunch time comes. The next morning, if you would love something different, you may have peanut butter for breakfast with banana and chocolate sprinkles. This beverage contains about 340 calories; 19g fat; 19g sugar; 8g fiber and 11g protein. If you feel that it is too light, you may have the banana mixed into the smoothie not as topping only.

Getting all minerals and vitamins we need in delicious ways

Green tea is said to be one best beverage for weight loss. You may combine it with coconut water. Add them with fresh mint and parsley but with no sugar, because you can get the sweet flavor from the coconut water. You can also have the green tea smoothie for detoxifying. Prepare ginger, mint, pear and kale. Blend them to get the right dose of fiber besides the nutrients in it. Enjoy your diet by finding more recipes of smoothie diet for weight loss.

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