Calories for Diet: the Success Tips of Health Diet Program

Calories for Diet – Diet program has various kinds and choices for the people who want to lose their weight. And today, this program is not only limited on the conventional style, such as decreasing food consumption matter. However, there is other alternative diet program provided which keep normal schedule of food consumption with the condition of put attention toward the number of calories. This article will discuss the calories for diet and tips for success to run the healthy diet. Why the number of calories becomes the significant matter toward diet program? It is caused the exceed calories will change into fat day by day if there is no proper exercise to be done in order to eliminate it. Calculate the number of calories is not the difficult thing, but it needs serious attention to get satisfied result. There are some diet calories base programs, for instance, 1500 and 2000 calories plan program.

the Success Tips of Health Diet Program

The 1500 calories plan program is one of the ideas of calories for diet that specified created for some categories for female who has regular exercise but still targeting to lose weight, male who has limited activity and male over 50 years old. By 1500 calories plan program, the weight which will be lost is around 2 pounds per week for proper and discipline program. This target could not be reached if the program is not to be completed with regular exercise. It has to be noted that whatever the kind of diet program you did, it is important to do the regular exercise in order to keep your body fit.

The expert explains that there is a sample diet food for 1500 calories plan program per day:
• Breakfast: protein, fruit and vegetable
• lunch: protein, fruit, vegetable, leafy greens, and starch, snack after lunch is protein and vegetable
• Dinner: 2 protein, 2 vegetable, leafy greens, and starch, and the last is snack after dinner, which is, fruit.

You have to put attention toward that sample of menu. Protein becomes the dominant component of menu. It caused by the ability of protein to burn the calories becomes energy and avoiding it becomes fat. Those are menu of calories for diet in class of 1500 calories plan program. You need to change regularly the food component as long as the number of calories is not changed. It will avoid the boredom during the diet program.

The 2000 calories plan program is another idea of calories for diet that created based on the calculation of daily calories needs for average people. This program can be applied toward almost classification of age, gender and kinds of activity. The number of weights that will be lost is calculated more than 2 pounds per week. 2000 calories plan program is not only healthy diet program but also give the tasteful food innovation as the daily menu.

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The sample of menu for a day of 2000 calories plan program:

• Breakfast menu: protein, low-fat cheese and snack after breakfast is yogurt and lime squash.
• Lunch menu: protein, salad (vegetable), fruit, and lemon tea, snack after lunch is skim milk.
• Dinner menu: protein, carbohydrate, fruit soup, diet soda and mini cake.

If we compared the 2000 calories plan program has more various menu and component of calories rather than 1500 calories plan program. The calories for diet which provided by this program is agreed with the needs of people who need a certain number of loss weight.

Both programs are the way which becomes guidance of calories for diet. You have to remember that the program has to be chosen with the consideration of how much the weight loss you need. Do not ever push your body to do the program which exceeding your capability. Hopefully, this article gives information you need.

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