Boosting Energy Without Caffeine : Non-Caffeine Energy Booster

Non Caffeine Energy Boster – Non-caffeine energy booster does not sound familiar at all. People usually will depend on the caffeine a lot when they want to boost their energy. People have to work hard every day and there must be very high demand in their job which makes them have to give the best performance in their daily activity. However, there will be a time when they are fading at work. People can fade very easily because of some reasons. This condition can occur if people make the poor choice of foods and do not get enough sleep. They still have to do their work so they need to take something which can help them to make it through the remaining working time.

People maybe work in the office which is completed with the office nap room. They can take this opportunity for taking a quick nap but it is not option for anyone. People can try to push their selves for continuing work but they will not give the best performance or productivity. A cup of coffee at the afternoon must be tempting but it should be avoided if people do not want to suffer from the difficulty to have good night sleep. There is no need to worry because people can find the solution for boosting energy without any caffeine needed.non-caffeine energy booster

Non-caffeine Energy Booster

1. Cinnamon
People maybe have ever heard that they can kick their senses into high gear by taking the peppermint. They can smell or eat it and they can boost their energy easily. However, it is not the only scent which can bring this effect. People will also be able to find the same effect from cinnamon. Individual attention processes can be increased by chewing cinnamon gum. More effective result can be found by smelling things which has cinnamon scent. It is also useful for increasing the virtual recognition and working memory. The speed of visual motor response can also be increased by using the cinnamon. If people want to get extra energy at the afternoon, they just need cinnamon gum or cinnamon essential oil.

2. Prunes
People maybe try to snack in the afternoon for boosting their energy but they just end up deeper in the afternoon slump. They should forget about those unhealthy snacks but prunes. It is something which is eaten by grandmas but it is useful for helping people who have constipation problem. It is usually offered in dry form and it is useful for providing boron which is useful for osteoporosis prevention. It is rich in antioxidants and it becomes great energy source. People worry if they will experience blood sugar spike because of eating prunes but there is no need to worry about this because it also comes with high content of fiber and sorbitol. This makes prunes metabolized in slow process within the body.

3. Kombucha
The next non-caffeine energy booster is kombucha. Many people maybe do not have any idea that they can find great support from kombucha for their afternoon boost. This is fermented beverage which comes with various benefits for health. It can be useful for gaining energy and focus. This fermented probiotic drink is powerful for helping the body healing in various ways. People can get better skin health and also better immunity by consuming kombucha. It will take time for some people to getting used to the beverage which is slightly carbonated and slightly funky. However, one thing for sure, this drink is low in sugar, fat, and calorie so it can give perfect effect for boosting people from their afternoon slump. People can choose the kombucha with invigorating flavor such as citrus or ginger for getting better effect for boosting energy.

4. Nature Refresh
People can spend hours in their office and they will be able to find great benefits by getting outside of the office even just in a few minutes. People are able to change their mood by changing the scenery. It can boost their energy quickly. People can find the same effect of a cup of coffee when they go outside for 15-20 minutes. Mood and self esteem can also be increased by being five minutes in the green environment. That is why if people are trapped in the afternoon slump, they just need to go outside for finding some green. They will be able to return to work with high energy for accomplishing the remaining task they have.

5. Nuts
People try to get out from the afternoon slump by eating sugary snack. However, it will just deplete their body. Instead of the sugary snacks, people should choose a handful of nuts. It can be walnuts or almonds. Those nuts can be great food for brains. People should choose the nuts for their afternoon snack because it is filled with healthy nutrients including the vegetable protein with high quality. It also comes with important minerals including potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

People can stay energized at the afternoon because of the healthy fats which can be found in the nuts. It can also help people to feel full because of the high fiber content which is also useful for helping the body digest the food slowly. Serotonin can be found in walnuts and it is useful for increasing the happiness and well brings feeling. Essential amino acid phenylalanine content which is useful for increasing the brain power can be found in walnuts and almonds. People can try to combine the apple slices with the nuts for getting the tasty combo of protein and fiber.

6. Better Bar
The last Non-caffeine energy booster is better bar. When people have a lot of work to do, it seems like they want to snack for supporting their energy for accomplishing the work. However, it the snack becomes their choice, they should choose it perfectly. Energy bar can be their choice but people should be careful with this choice because the energy bar can be just another product of savvy marketing. People have to check the label for ensuring that it is healthy enough. It should contain no more than 25 grams of carbohydrate and 10-15 grams of protein. Chemical sweetener, artificial color, soy isolate, preservative, hydrogenated, or flavoring should be avoided form the energy bar for non-caffeine energy booster.

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