Better Mind With Aromatherapy for Mental Health

Aromatherapy for Mental Health – Health is the most precious gift in this world. If our body feels ill, it can affect entire life quality. However, health condition isn’t just feeling good in our body or no disease at all. The combination of mental and physical maintain the best quality life. Aromatherapy for mental health is one of promising treatment in health area. It is been used by psychiatrics for their patients. The treatment uses special scent from natural ingredients to bring calm and peaceful atmosphere into mind. The objective of treatment depends on patient diagnoses. In medical point of view, aromatherapy releases specific essence and it is called alternative medicine. There are several scents that can be used as aromatherapy, especially in mental health treatment.

aromatherapy for mental health

1. Lavender
The popular essence is lavender. It had been used since ancient time. Lavender can be found in many parts of the world. Lavender flower is perfect aromatherapy for mental health. When people inhale its scent, the fragrant will produce healing impact. In some culture and tradition, it belongs to sacred ingredient. Beside for therapy, this flower essence is core material for perfume industry. It is mixed with other fragrant and creates new scent. Therefore, lavender characteristics are bold and specific.

2. Jasmine
Jasmine is symbol of purify. It can be called holy and evergreen flower. Most of jasmine colors are white, but there are several yellow, blue, red, and purple. Many traditions use it as the most important part in ritual, such as wedding ceremony. Moreover, jasmine has many functions. It could be put in home decoration, clothes, or any other aesthetic purposes. Psychiatrics and psychologist create specific jasmine scent in treatment session. It is part of aromatherapy for mental health. With this fragrant, our brain is relaxed. To get the best jasmine aroma, we need specialist to combine it.

3. Chamomile
Chamomile has been used as herb medicine. It can cure some health problems, such as menstrual disorders, inflammation, insomnia, and muscle spasm,. Many medicines have chamomile part on them because its chemical compounds. Generally, chamomile is popular as tea ingredient. People drink this tea to improve their health condition. In spite of this usage, practitioners see big potential in chamomile as aromatherapy for mental health. It reduces stress and brain tension. To get better result, it can be put together with other aromas. Chamomile has sweet and delicate texture. Lavender or jasmine scent works well with chamomile smooth fragrant. However, people prefer pure chamomile aroma to combination one.

4. Bergamot orange
Most of aromatherapy for mental health is flower based aroma. Because, flower is part of reproductive instrument in plant, it produce special fragrant to attract insects. However, there are many sources of aromatherapy that aren’t used flower. Fruits are one of them, especially bergamot orange. It can ease people mind. Its scientific name is Citrus bergamia. Unfortunately, this orange can’t be eaten. We just enjoy its scent. As one of aromatherapy, some people believe that Bergamot orange impact their life quality. Other usages of it are perfume, cosmetics, and food aroma.

5. Sandalwood
Sandalwood is the most delicate aromatherapy. The name came from specific genus Santalum. Actually, sandalwood isn’t just wood based aroma. Other parts of tree can be used as fragrant. In contrary with other fragrant source, sandalwood flower isn’t strong enough and need other material to make it perfect aromatherapy. People choose wood part of this tree. Some religious practitioners take sandalwood a tool to bring them confortable feeling in praying. In spite of this usage, since long time ago, people use sandalwood as aromatherapy for mental health. With this essence, we can relax mind and body continually.

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