Best Detox Diet for Weight Loss

Best Detox Diet for Weight Loss

Best detox diet for weight loss is becoming the current topic for people who need losing some of their weight. Especially if the holiday season is coming up, a lot of people are trying to get good body shape. It is not merely because they want to get healthier body, but also for the style motivation that the women or girls want to wear cute clothes or let’s say the holiday costumes.


You can do the detoxing with many ways. And one of the safest ways is through tight dieting program. However, is it included as healthy ways that will not give you bad effect? If you do fasting, it will only give you headache, faint, and lose concentration. It will only ruin your days and stuffs to do, won’t it? So, what is the solution? The only answer is you have to let yourself to find other tricks without having deprivation.


To get best detox diet for weight loss, you need to do some ways that actually are easy to do. The main component is that you supply some delicacy foods with good ingredients on your dining table without any worry. What categorize of good ingredients here? They are carbs that can help you boosting the metabolism in your body. That ingredient will help you feeling full longer. The amount of the good carbs is around 1,200 calories per day.

In other tips, maybe you will find the suggestion to add fat flushing cooler (a strange name, but you can search for it on the internet). It is the component that will help you extra burning system to burn the calories.


  • So, you can try the detoxing for losing weight starts from the breakfast menu. Smoothies are still the best list for morning booster. Try with banana milkshake. What you need is only banana, honey, and low fat milk, and ice (measure the amount on your preference).
  • For the lunch, get some vegetable in the menu. You can try the spinach with carrot as the main ingredients. The recipe? It depends on your favorite menu in your country. You can try to make the salad with spinach, carrot, then add olive oil, and cheese. Or you can try to make vegetable soup with carrot, broccoli, and potato.
  • And the dinner dish is presented by the support of red rice and chicken wrap with salad leaf and black bean. The ingredients may vary. The important thing you combine and balance the amount of the carbs and vegetable also the fruit. It is the best detox diet for weight loss you can try.

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