Aromatherapy for Health Care

Aromatherapy for Health Care – Aromatherapy is the mixture of several essential oils that is used for healing and keeping our body health. You can use the aromatherapy for a lot of function to heal ourselves. It can be applied in any part of your body whether on to your skin, or you scalp and hair. It can be used to reduce stress or infections. It can also help your health issues. By smelling the aroma of the essential oils, you can also feel more relax. The essential oils itself are made from the concentrated extracts that are taken from the leaves, blossoms, roots and seed of a certain plant. Every essential oil from every different plant surely has a different function which some of it can be used as aroma therapy in your room or some of it can be used to reduce swelling in your body. This article will show you best aromatherapy for health care that will be beneficial for you.

aromatherapy for health care recipe

A lot of therapist and pharmacist are using aromatherapy for health care. They will be using aromatherapy for their patient treatment by inhaling the aroma. Some of them even allow their patient to take the essential oil by the mouth. In one of their therapy sections, the therapist will firstly ask their patience about the symptoms they have suffered and then they will ask their patient for their favorite scents. The therapist then will recommend you to use the essentials oil in the form of sprays, vapors or inhalations. Some of the may apply it on their patient skin by massaging it. Some even recommend to use the essential oil for bathing.

Here is some aromatherapy for health care recipes that you may care to try. The first aromatherapy is function to kill bacteria in every room and part of your home. You can start mixing some essential oils such as lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, clove, and eucalyptus. Don’t forget to add some jojoba oil and mix them well. Meanwhile to help you with a better sleep, you can mix some oils start from sage oil, neroli and Ylang Ylang oil and also jojoba oil. When you are looking for the stress relief, you can mix lavender oil, orange, ylang ylang, bergamot, chamomile, and rose geranium with some jojoba oil. You can even add other essential oils such as lemon, cedar wood, and sandal wood.
Another aromatherapy for health care recipe is to help reduce anxiety. You can mix lavender, neroli, geranium, bergamot, rose, frankincense and jojoba oil. Other recipe is by mixing peppermint oil, lemon, ginger oil and mandarin. You can help yourself from curb cravings in such a really simple way. If you are one of those people who are having trouble to wake up earlier, you can mix lemon, basil and ylang yalng with some jojoba oil then apply it at night before sleep or after you wake up for relaxing your body.

To boost your energy when you are about to start your day, you can mix rosemary, peppermint, and cinnamon oil with some jojoba oil. You can even use other one such as lemon, neroli, bergamot and geranium. You will be feeling different. Meanwhile for getting rid of acne, the aromatherapy for health care recipe that you need to try is the mixture of geranium, tea tree oil and lavender oil. Apply it on your face after you are taking a bath or at night before you go to sleep.

Meanwhile the aromatherapy for health care recipe that you can create to relief cold and flu is by mixing eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary with some jojoba oils. You can even use ginger oil. To use this you can smell the aroma and you will be feeling better. And if you are having a headache, you can try to mix lavender oil, peppermint and chamomile altogether with jojoba oils and apply it by massaging it on your head.

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