All Natural Detox Diet for Health

We can consume all natural detox diet to help detoxification process of our body. Detoxification is a process removing the toxin from our body. The toxin form can be artificial flavoring, sweetener, or maybe a piece of chemical material at the farmland (pesticides, herbicides and etc.). Actually our body has its own ability to remove toxin through our organ like kidney and bowel. Even our sweat is a mechanism to get the toxin out. But nowadays the rate of toxin input is getting increase, since almost all the things we eat has it. So there’s no false when we think to help the body by consume all natural detox diet as listed below.

All Natural Detox Diet for Health

Organic Product

Almost all farmers using chemical man made fertilizer and others supporting product like pesticides and herbicides. Sometimes it contents left at the farming product. It’s just a little but when you consume regularly then it will become something big too. Eat organic product from organic farming can be a way of detoxification. Your food will give you maximal nutrition without adding bad-hidden components to your body.

Fruits and vegetables smoothie

Many detox diet programs, comes with a suggestion to drink fruits and vegetables smoothie as meal replace. Well it’s okay as long as you still keep your body nutrition balance. Lemon juice detox diet program is one of the most popular. Combine the composition of your detox smoothie so you can get a yummy natural detox diet.

Drink More Water

From allnatural detox diet foods and beverages. Water is the easiest to find and effective. Sufficient water content of our body will help kidney jobs. It will dissolve the waste and toxin component, brought it through the bloodlust and reach the kidney. More water means more agent of dissolving.

Drink Green Tea Rather Than Coffee

Too much caffeine in your body will make your body drought. Drink a cup of green tea in the morning can be a replacement. Green tea also has antioxidant contents that our body needed. It also helps body metabolism. That’s why green tea can be a weight loss diet treatment too.

Probiotics Food

Nowadays many product use label that they contains probiotic, what is it? Probiotic is a component that helps bowel-good bacteria works. Some product evens contain the bacteria itself. When there are enough healthy and good bacteria then the body can work greatly. But remember, not all natural detox diet compatible to our body, make sure you have choose the right one.

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