5 Interesting Nutrition Facts that Will Shock You

Nutrition Facts

Interesting Nutrition Facts – The Nutrient is the component of food that has function to empower or give energy and it is used to repair a tissue to support a metabolism process of human being. The Nutrient is one of important components that should be consumed by human being. Moreover, some researches are conducted due to find nutrition facts in every food that we often consume. Here are the facts about the foods that most of people agree on or even they do not know.

Dried fruits reduce nutrient contains
Currently, a dried fruit is believed as one of the healthy snacks that are suitable for those who are planning to keep their weight constant. A nutrition concentrate in a dried fruit is widely believed increases, so this snack is suitable for a healthy diet due to a low fat consist. However, a research that is conducted reveals the nutrition facts of dried fruits. It is found that a massive nutrient loss caused by dried fruit. Moreover, an antioxidant and its vitamins also lose about 38 – 80%. Not only the nutrient had that loss but also sometimes, added sweeteners such as sugar, corn and syrups are found in it. In the final analysis, it is much better to consume a fresh food rather than a dried fruits one.

Citrus in a green tea
Green tea is often served as a healthy morning tea. Similarly to the dried fruits, green tea has also served as a drink for weight control. An antioxidant that green tea contained has a powerful effect to the humans’ bodies. It can improve a function of the brain, losing some weight and lower cancer. Furthermore, great new nutrition facts have been found on a green tea. A research discovered that a high antioxidant contains found in green tea that is added by citrus. The existence of a citrus in a green tea also stabilizes the catechin content which will lower the high blood pressure. Henceforth, adding a citrus to the green tea will maximize the beneficial of a green tea as a healthy drink.

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One of nutrition facts that most of people do not know about the supplement is it cannot fully replace the nutrient that is contained in a real food. A vitamins or even mineral that you get by consuming the supplement is not as much as the total amount of mineral and vitamins that you will get from the real food. Hence, a supplement might complete the lack amount of some nutrient however it cannot replace the total amount of nutrient that a real food contains.

Omega 3
Omega 3 is a fatty acid that could be derived from animals. Most of people do not care or ignore the important of omega 3. Nutrition facts of Omega 3 that is not common is it is crucial. A lack of omega 3 or Omega 3 deficiency tends to have a lower IQ, mental disorder, and depression. In the light of its deficiency effect, Omega 3 also contributes to the prevention of any disease. Thus, Omega 3 will increase the immune of humans bodies.

Banana is one of the most favorite fruits. Besides, it is easy to find; it also contains potassium that contributes into process of cell regeneration, and tissue formatting. In the other hand, some nutrition facts about banana are found. You do not need to eat banana for getting potassium since most of fruits contains this essential nutrition. Another fact about banana is that it cannot be eaten when your stomach is empty. A sugar-rich feature of banana will stimulate insulin, thus, consuming a bit of protein before eating banana will neutralize the insulin response.

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